Speed, distance, time…

One of my offspring recently recounted a hair-raising journey following the directions of sat-nav.
It had sent them by the shortest route, which in this case turned out to be a practically unnavigable track.

It made me reflect on how technology has changed route planning. Destinations are postcodes rather than place names, and routes are revealed at the touch of a screen rather than thumbing through map pages and seeing a network of possibilities.


Sat nav will automatically send us by the quickest or shortest route. However, if we take the same approach to life and rush along the fast lane, we may miss ‘travelling mercies’. As the African proverb says:

If you want to walk fast, walk alone, if you want to walk far, walk together

When we constantly look to overtake, we distance ourselves from positive connections.
But if we draw alongside others, we will have opportunities to give and receive, and find purpose and meaning in life.

Likewise, when we look for short cuts from difficult situations or a tedious part of life’s journey, we distance ourselves from unexpected blessings.
Sat nav will often use single track roads as short cuts, with disastrous results, yet are we vastly different in our lives?
Having a single-track mind can blind us to possibilities or lead us to assume a right of way, and unless we stop in our tracks, a head on collision may well be around the corner.


But I believe that just as sat-nav is constantly tracking our progress, so too is God.
Not in a vindictive way, but in clearing the way ahead. Just like sat-nav logs our position when we’ve taken a wrong turn and re-routes us, so too will God.
Sometimes getting lost and arriving somewhere later than expected is called ‘taking the scenic route’, but what we may have lost in time or speed, we will have gained in learning from the distance covered. So let’s be attentive to God’s nudges, and respond with due care and attention.

Truth is… “My thoughts” says the Lord “are not like yours, and my ways are different from yours” Isaiah 55:8


I haven’t been writing recently as I’ve been busy bonding with a new partner.
Just over a month ago I had the news that a possible ‘match’ had been found for me, and the invitation to meet him…

Hearing Dogs Shoot

Yes, ‘him’ is a dog.
I’m deaf, and I’ve been waiting for an Assistance Dog for over two years, so imagine my delight at the prospect of a first meeting to see if there was a spark between us!
There was, and with the basics in place, ‘Marshall’ moved in and a trusting relationship is resulting.
Truth is, I’m learning a lot from him…

A successful partnership has trust at its core. A Hearing Dog trusts a deaf person to notice and respond to what it is communicating through its nudges, and the person trusts the dog to be with them 24/7. Like any meaningful relationship, it’s rooted in trust.
Isn’t this what God longs for us? That we trust God to be with us, and respond knowing that our best interests are at heart.

For Marshall and me, the nudges are all important. Marshall has been trained to nudge my leg with his nose and lead me to what needs my attention.

His nudges are gentle yet firm, and always for a reason. He urges me to follow him, and in doing so, I find out what I need to know.
Isn’t this the way of God? That if we respond to the nudges we sense, we will discover more of what life is about.
For in doing what we have been gifted to do, and in being who we are blessed to be, we will find connection and fulfilment.

It is true that:

in giving we receive

Giving is about filling the space that has our name on it.
Marshall does this – and without looking for the approval of others. My affirmation of him is sufficient. But he only receives this because he keeps close to me, and senses my affection.
Isn’t this the same for us? If we are to sense deep affirmation and love, we need to keep close to God.

Truth is…. There is more happiness in giving than in receiving. (Acts 20:35)