Weighing it up…

Weights and measures seem to be an integral part of life.
Even before delivery day, babies’ vital statistics are plotted on a graph and from then on, they will be weighed and measured in all sorts of ways, by all sorts of people!

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We live surrounded by numbers and scales that measure our development and worth.
– From school grades as children to work appraisals as employees, our performance is assessed.
And not only is our performance rated, so too is our popularity.
– From the number of party invites a child receives to the number of followers we have on Facebook, we are weighed up and often found wanting.

In an effort to protect her daughter from feeling overlooked, I know of one mother who sent her Valentine’s cards each year. When the teenager later discovered that these hadn’t in fact come from secret admirers, but from her mother, the effect was devastating.
That was well over 40 years ago, so perhaps a yearning to be popular isn’t a 21st century phenomenon!

The numbers game is commonplace, and truth is, I’ve been crunched by numbers recently.
People have asked me “So how many people have signed up to your Blog?”
The answer is, ‘not many’ and at times I’ve wondered if it’s worth continuing.
But then someone tells me that I’m making sense. And that’s the point – it’s not about numbers, it’s about offering a point of connection. That’s what should count.


As a believer, I get the feeling that it’s not about how many good things I might do that count, but whether I am connecting with God. And that’s not the demand of a selfish god, but the yearning of a Creator who longs for our full potential to be reached!
For me, connecting with God is being open and honest in my heart with the One who urges me to believe that we are loved.
It’s a relief to be counted in a positive way, when our past (or present) tells us otherwise.

We matter so much to God, that we are beyond measure.

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Truth is… ‘You are precious in my sight and I love you’ Isaiah 43:4