About Me…

Hello over there,
it’s Joanna here, and if you’ve opened this page then maybe you’re curious as to who’s behind ‘Truth is…’
Actually, I’ve been wondering the same thing!

Truth is… I’ve got to the ‘purple hat’ stage in life (wanting to be more fully myself) so I’m throwing caution to the wind, and recognising that I’m more than my retired husband’s carer, or our grown-up children’s mum. I’m more than the little differences I’ve made through my working life as a facilitator, among other things!

  • I’m a maker and a mender, useful skills now that I’m a granna (grandma)
  • I’m a believer and an encourager
  • I’m a speaker and retreat leader
  • and I’ve been described as a wordsmith

Over the years a number of people have encouraged me to write, but I’ve never moved beyond the question – ‘what, me?’

Meanwhile other people have told me not to be a ‘shrinking violet’, so now is the time to take on colour, put on that ‘purple hat’, and blog!
Truth is… I’m looking forward to it, and hope you’ll enjoy my postings which will be about finding purpose, meaning (and humour) as I ‘stop, look & listen’ in daily life…

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