Now in a minute

‘Now in a minute’ is a Welsh phrase.
A typical scenario: Parent calls “Food’s on the table” … Child replies “I’ll be there now in a minute”.
– It means something will happen, but maybe not immediately!
We’re probably all familiar with being kept waiting. We may have had to wait for someone to do something, or something to happen, for moments, minutes, months, or more…


But before we think that we’re always the one who is kept waiting, it might be worth asking ourselves whether any of our habits or assumptions keep others waiting. Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at a situation and do things differently. Or maybe it’s time to step back from a role so that someone else can step forward.

And then there’s the question ‘are we keeping ourselves waiting?’  Truth is, I sometimes keep myself waiting through self-doubt and lack of confidence. Perfectionism is the author of procrastination, and it can write many repetitive chapters unless we remove the pen from its grip. If we wait until we feel completely ready to do something, we may miss the boat.
I know I have let opportunities pass me by because of fear of failure, so more recently I’ve been quicker to say yes to possibilities. ‘What ifs’ can be restrictive anchors that tether us, and we will only discover our potential if we cut them and set sail.
Or maybe we wait for conditions to feel just right. Sometimes this is wise, but being overcautious and choosing to stay in the apparent safety of the harbour, prevents us from discovering the skills and thrills that come from sailing the sea of life.


The Spirit of God is likened to the wind. Like the wind, it can only be seen in the effect it has – we need to raise our sails, and let the wind fill us and move us forward. That way we will follow the direction of our deep hopes, which I believe are nudges from God.
So I remind myself to respond to God ‘now’, rather than ‘now in a minute’!

Truth is… ‘Don’t stare at the clouds, get on with your life’ Ecclesiastes 11:4

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