Pass the Parcel

Is commercialism and consumerism leading us down the wrong aisle? When my local supermarket opened after Christmas Day, Easter had replaced Christmas on the shelves. Decorations were down and chocolate egg displays were up, and I got the feeling that that I’d missed a few months!

Easter Eggs Egg Easter Color Colorful Paint

Maybe for some, it’s a relief that ‘Christmas is over’, especially if it hasn’t turned out quite as planned, or if it brings back difficult memories. But maybe too, there are things worth salvaging from under the wrappings.
Truth is, I don’t always find it an easy time of year, but it’s good to know that it’s never too late to unwrap Christmas! The gift in the manger is a gift ‘for life, not just for Christmas’, and it’s the ‘gift that keeps on giving’.

What is this gift then, that calls to be unwrapped? I believe it’s the promise that ‘God on earth has come to stay’. The gift in the manger has the name tag ‘Immanuel’ – God with us. But like a game of Pass the Parcel, there are lots of different layers to unwrap and surprises to find within the layers, even if the outer wrapping seems unpromising. Little signs that God is with us in all the ups and downs of life:
Like the sky the other morning, with an eye-catching contrail that spoke to me of promise.


Like a hug from someone at just the right moment.

images (2)

Like the words of a song that suddenly speak volumes.

…Bring the grace & healing, that only you can give me
for the promise isn’t over, you are here today… (Matt Hooper et al.)

Apparently, the top selling toy at Christmas, was a something called L.O.L. Surprise – a collectable doll with accessories that are revealed layer by layer. Clever marketing created hype – and a mass of children learning the hard way that ‘all that glitters is not gold’.
Thankfully for us in our daily lives, the good news is that God never fails to deliver. All it takes is our openness and a willingness to unwrap…

Truth is… ‘The promise isn’t over, You are here today’ (Song: Matt Cooper et al.)


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