How smart?

Last weekend, in the snow, my daughter and her partner climbed the highest mountain in Southern Britain. Among other things she’s a graphic designer, so her smart phone often captures images that become starting points for creative projects. This time however, it was not to be – it was so cold at the summit, her phone became unresponsive.
Back home and thawed out by the fire, her phone came back to life and she told me all about her trek, even if there were no pictures!


It got me thinking – do ‘chilly’ life experiences sometimes cause us to shut down? And in a frozen state do we miss moments of grace?
Truth is, I’ve received a letter this week that sent an icy shiver down my spine. It outlined a recommendation for pre-emptive surgery. Initially I felt shocked and fearful, but keeping close to God in my thoughts, I can now read blessings between the lines. It could prevent the development of cancer.


Reflecting on this, it seems that the important thing is to keep close to God. The picture that comes to mind is of placing myself in God’s ‘inner pocket’, close to the heart and where there is space for all of us.  There it is warm, and there is good reception.

It strikes me that there are parallels between us being in God’s inner pocket, and smart phones being in our inner pockets. Smart phones aren’t really that smart, when it comes to functioning in the cold! Their lithium batteries drain faster than normal, and screens can crack, especially if there is a flaw in the glass.


Both problems can be eased by keeping them in close proximity to us.

I believe that freezing and cracking is a fairly accurate picture of what happens to us, when we keep ourselves at arm’s breadth from God.
In contrast, if we keep close to God’s heart, and absorb the warmth of God’s love and enabling, we will function much better when ‘cold winds’ rip through our lives, or ‘snow’ changes our familiar landmarks.
Safe and close to God, our provider will not let us down. Now that’s smart!

Truth is…  God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

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