Putting My Foot In It!

Let’s start with a confession – I am naturally a perfectionist.
My junior school years were a mixed blessing. I was sent to a convent school where the strict routines gave predictability, but fear of doing wrong too.
Coupled with a perfectionist streak, it made me very anxious of making mistakes.
Worse still, it made me harsh and unforgiving of myself, and reluctant to own up to any mishaps.
It’s been something I’ve had to unlearn, and another opportunity has recently presented itself to me. We’ve been having work done to make our home more accessible from the outside, so steps have been replaced by slopes. Last Saturday a path was laid and guess what, while it was still setting, I put my foot in it!downloadNo one saw, and truth is, initially I wanted it to stay this way as I felt utterly stupid.
However, the shadow cast by wanting to avoid disclosure was far greater, so it was a huge relief when I ‘fessed up’ my mess up. As soon as I shared my slip, I could actually see the funny side. Talk about leaving your mark!

How was it that earlier, it had felt like hiding in the shadows was an option?
I guess it was because being less than honest, is a human characteristic.
Apparently, we lie on average two times a day. We tell ‘white lies’ to avoid hurting others, but lying to cover our errors is a different matter.  Not only are we deceiving others, but we are deceiving ourselves and prevent ourselves learning from our mistakes.
I’m of an age when I remember fast forwarding and rewinding tapes, and here’s my analogy:

Forget it enough to fast forward
Remember it enough not to rewind

I’ve learnt a lot from not covering my tracks last weekend. My footprint on the path is a daily reminder to look before I leap, in all sorts of ways.
It’s a reminder to pace myself in the daily stress of my current life.
It’s a reminder that we all make mistakes, and of the release that comes from honesty.


My adult offspring think it’s rather nice that my footprint will be there long after I’m gone…

Truth is… ‘The truth will set you free’ John 8:32


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