Turning Point…

Truth is, I have an irrational fear of getting lost, so any unfamiliar journey requires the presence of satnav ‘Sean’ and his reassuring brogue!
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On life’s journey too, I need a ‘satnav’ to gently but persistently, keep me on track.
Something that has recently helped with this, is participating in The Happiness Course.
This wasn’t a flimsy programme advocating false smiles, but offered a robust route to true wellbeing.

The Happiness Course has helped me check my position on life’s journey.
Am I aligned with my core values?
What are these?
Do I need to change any of the choices I’ve made?
Some big questions, and as a result I’ve found myself getting into gear
– starting a blog being one outcome!

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Being human, I will no doubt, veer off-course at some point.
Normally this happens when self-doubts overwhelm me.
For a number of reasons, I grew up feeling I didn’t matter and I wasn’t good enough, and this sometimes causes me to lose my way.

Thank goodness then, for the presence of an inner satnav (which I believe to be God) voicing a different opinion.
And it’s an opinion which I believe God has of us all – that we are infinitely lovable.
Life is an endless opportunity to learn this, and it probably happens most in the ‘pause’ moments.


Have you noticed that when we’re not where satnav wants us to be, there is the pause while it works out the best route to take – and only after this silence (which can seem endless) are we given a new direction!

I think this is what it’s like in life.
Sometimes I get the niggle that I’m not following God’s hopes for me,
but at times like this, if I can pause and allow truth to penetrate,
a sense of direction appears – like ripples spreading out on water’s surface…

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How about you, where are you at?

Truth is… ‘If you wander off the road to the right or the left, you will hear his voice behind you saying, “Here is the road. Follow it”’ Isaiah 30:2


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